Tadalafil safety information

Tadalafil provides great possibilities for patients as this is a medication of new generation. But in spite of the fact, that possibilities are huge, no manufacturer can guarantee 100% safety. This matter should be a question of particular concern because if medication does not help then it should be changed to a different medication.

First of all, you should not take the medication if you are hypersensitive to it. It is always so that the person can be allergic to some component of medication therefore it is advisable for him not to take the medication. Tadalafil may not be allowed for you if you had some problems with heart. It may be so that doctor recommended sexual abstinence for the person as cardiac tension can be very dangerous for him. This instruction usually follow after patient had heart attack. The recommended abstinence can last for 3 months, but it is better to stay away from sex for half a year after a stroke.

When some of the side effects bother you then you should apply to the doctor to decide if it is worth taking Tadalafil treatment further.

There is a range of conditions that are contraindicated for Tadalafil treatment. Read a list of contraindications to find out it is referred to you in this or that way. In this case Tadalafil can be forbidden. For instance, Tadalafil can be contraindicated in persons who take nitrate in some combination. The drop of blood pressure is a serious side effect therefore all these factors should be considered first as you start ED treatment.

When combined with alpha-blockers or antihypertensive drugs Tadalafil can create dangerous combination. Your doctor should evaluate the possibility of such interaction and determine if there is some risk here.

Priapism is a rare side effect but it happens. If you are a patient who has predisposition to prolonged erection then you should not take Tadalafil.

Study all warnings and precautions provided on a label. In case you feel that something is wrong with you, call the hospital immediately.

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