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Schedule for the 2003-2004 Season:

SEPTEMBER 9, 2003: Informational Problems In Early Modern Philosophy
   David Hausman, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Methodist University

SEPTEMBER 23, 2003: R.G. Collingwood And The Idealist Critique Of British Positivism.
    James Patrick, Professor of Philosophy, College of St. Thomas More

OCTOBER 14, 2003: Philosophical Adventures In Translating Spinoza’s Theological Political Treatise (1670 AD)
    Martin D. Yaffe, Professor of Philosophy, University of North Texas

OCTOBER 28, 2003: Nietzsche, Aristotle And Dionysus: The Philosophical Irony Of Tragic Drama
   Rod Coltman, Professor of Philosophy, Collin County Community College

NOVEMBER 11, 2003: The Education of an Artist: Changing Faces And Slanting Reflections
   Lyle Novinski, Professor of History & Philosophy of Art, University of Dallas

NOVEMBER 25, 2003: The Starkest Madness: How the Literal Subverts the True
   James Kirk, Professor of Philosophy, Richland College

DECEMBER 9, 2003: The Whole Shebang: Where Cosmology Meets Theology: A Critical Philosophical Deliberation
    Theodore Walker, Professor, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University


JANUARY 13, 2004: Pathological Science
   John Blanton, former President, North Texas Skeptics

JANUARY 27, 2004: Five Bodies & A Sixth: What is Matter Anyway?
    Robert Wood, Professor of Philosophy, University of Dallas

FEBRUARY 10, 2004: Jung & Kant: The Intersection of Psychology With Philosophy
    Mary Kroncke, LPC

FEBRUARY 24, 2004: Education & the Middle Ages”
    Carl Hasler, Professor of Philosophy, Collin County Community College.

MARCH 9, 2004: A Brief Explanation of Time
   Frederick Turner, Founders Professor of Arts & Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas

MARCH 23, 2004: On Philosophy and Law
    George A. Martinez, Professor of Law, Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University

APRIL 13, 2004: Debate: For or Against Ayn Rand’s ‘Selfishness as a Virtue.’
   For: Andrew Bernstein, Writer for the Ayn Rand Institute and author of the upcoming “Capitalist Manifesto: The Historic, Economic and Philosophic Case for Laissez-Faire”
   Against: Joe Barnhart, Professor of Philosophy and Religion Studies, University of North Texas and past President of New Mexico-West Texas Philosophical Society.
   Moderator: Andrew Laska, Board Member of the Dallas Philosopher’s Forum

APRIL 27, 2004: From Logic to Self-Knowledge
    Dr. Ed Stone, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at Dallas

MAY 11, 2004: Stick to What You Know: Justified Belief Simply is Knowledge
   John Sutton, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Methodist University

MAY 25, 2004: Strange Matters: How Prediscoveries Reveal Reality
    Tom Siegfried, Science Editor, Dallas Morning News

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