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Schedule for the 2002-2003 Season:

SEPTEMBER 10, 2002: The New Lamarkian Evolution: Does It Work?
   Pete Gunter, Professor of Philosophy, University of North Texas.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2002: Tat Tzam Asi: A Feedback Model Of Goodness And Beauty.
    Fred Turner, Professor of Poetry and Literature, University of Texas at Dallas.

OCTOBER 8, 2002: Carl Jung: A Major Influence In 20th Century Culture And Beyond.
    John McMurphy, Professor in Continuing Education, Southern Methodist University.

OCTOBER 22, 2002: Nausea And Contingency: Musical Emotion And Religious Emotion.
   Charles Nussbaum, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Arlington.

NOVEMBER 12,2002: A Closer Look At Civil Religion In The Light Of 9/11/01
   Frederick Kreuziger, Professor of Religious Studies, University of Colorado.

NOVEMBER 26, 2002: Philosophical Perplexities: Problems Or Puzzles? 
   Steve Hiltz, Professor of Philosophy, Southern Methodist University.

DECEMBER 10, 2002: Panentheism: The Forgotten Alternative.
    David Drumm, Attorney, Anthropologist and Philosopher.


JANUARY 14, 2003: Ethics: Down To Earth Plato & Other Worldly Aristotle.
    Tim Mahoney, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Texas At Arlington.

JANUARY 28, 2003:Socrates & The Promethean Greek Genius.
    Ken Smith, Former Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, University of Dallas and University of North Texas.

FEBRUARY 11, 2003: Phenomenology, Modernity And The Existence Of God.
    Joe Hinman, ABD, History of Ideas, University of Texas at Dallas.

FEBRUARY 25, 2003: Themes In Classical & Medieval Education.
    Carl Hasler, Professor of Philosophy, Collin County Community College.

MARCH 11, 2003: Sympathy And The Sense Of Duty In Kant’s Moral Philosophy.
   Steven Sverdlik, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Southern Methodist University.

MARCH 25, 2003: The Political Philosophy Of Woodrow Wilson.
    Ronald Pestritto, Associate Professor of Politics, University of Dallas.

APRIL 8, 2003: What’s Hecuba To Him?: True Fiction, Impossible Worlds, And Groundwork For The Metaphysic Of Modals.
    Charles Johnson, Undergraduate Fellow, Auburn University, Alabama.

APRIL 22, 2003: Reclaiming Existential Authenticity.
    Jason Junge, Author of “Why Freedom: The Meaning and Practice of Freedom”.

MAY 13, 2003: The Trouble With God(s).
   Dr. Timothy Gorski, Pastor, The North Texas Church of Freethought.

MAY 27, 2003: What Is A Birth Defect?: Behold The Eagle Nebula.
    Angela Scheuerle, M.D., Medical Director, Texas Birth Defects Research Center.

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